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Constant BSOD ntoskrnl.exe + Restarts with no warnings

Constant Bluescreens

Constant BSOD Please Help Abandoned Case

Constant Pop-ups and sudden proccesing slow down

computer wont go into sleep mode nor restore

Constant Internt Windows

connecton problems

Continual Install On Startup

contant freezing and error

Constantly High CPU and Memory

Constant Disk Access: WinTV

Continual installing different and new programs.

constant APPCRASH especially related to network connections

Context Menu + Customise System Tray

Constant explorer fault

Continuous explorer.exe crash

Constant Freezing and Startup Failures

Control Panel Keeps Crashing

Control Panel Missing; All Admin Rights Revoked; More

Constant HD usage/system cache leak

Continuous disk access

Control Panel > Indexing & Taskbar icon issues

Copying Windows Updates to Removable Storage

Corrupt system files - need to replace

Constantly Thinking Cursor/pointer & Screen Blacksout Randomly

Corrupt ntoskrnl

Constant BSOD At least 2-4 times a day.

Continuous Activity in HDD; Applications Hang or Run Slowly

Continuous BSOD after update

Copy of windows xp pirated or not?

Constantly Lagging Computer

Corrupted winload.exe and completely screwed over

Corrupt Install File

Corrupt Internet Protocol?

Corrupt Windows file

Could Not Access Windows Updates - intelide.sys Infected

Corrupt CBS.log file found using sfc/scannow

corrupted system.sav file preventing boot

Corrupted User Profiles Popping Up Frequently

CPU Spikes and High Constant Use

counterfeit Windows

CPU Usage and PF Usage very high for 45 mins after startup

Corrupt or missing file preventing startup

corrupted windows file

CPU spiking when trying to run VPN software

CPU throttled to 10% or 30%

CPU usage increases to max (while memory usage doesnt) when I run a application

Crash During Shutdown And Following Waking Up After Hibernation

couple glitches w/ taskbar

Crashing Programs etc.

Crazy Mouse and System Freeze Issues

Corrupted Windows OS?

Couple of random BSODs while gaming

Crazy Virus with none of my programs working

Cpu Speed Vy Slow; Winviruspro & Other Pop-up's

Crash Not In Event Viewer

Crash Notice That Won't Go Away.

crashing/ed computer - Win XP pro

Couple of Problems with Windows Home Premium

Crash at Getting Devices Ready 25% -- Need your help troubleshooting

Crash after update reboot

Crazy mouse and window behaviour

Crashing PC


Crash after last MS updates

Crashes And Freezes

Crash and now no starup

Crashing (minitool dump and speccy)

critical error + many others

Creating recovery drive/disks

Critical Update causes Application to Fail to start.

Crashing/Freezing Computer

Crash after trying to dual boot Win 8 vhd with Win 7

Crashing programs

Critical Error Requiring Constant Restart?

Ctrl or 'A' key becoming stuck

Cursor goes crazy and then freezes

Cursor loading every few seconds plus sometimes not even working

Cursor loading icon every 10 seconds

Curser Stalling



Cursor Often Showing Busy

curser shows as busy

Cursor/Keyboard Pausing

customize or edit tiles on start screen?

Customizing a windows screensaver?

cyclic rebooting and updates not installing

Customizing Vista Window Panes

D:\ Drive not defraging

Cursor Jumps to OK

Cyberdefender Found By Spybot

Customer System Refesh Image

Curser Lost Creates System Hang

Cursor/screen moves to top/left in all programs and windows

Date And Time Won't Synchronize

Dad's computer has a bunch of adware

Dang windows 10 will not let me recover password?

dcom error caused windows to restart

Ctfmon Virus?

DDS logs to analyse why laptop keeps crashing

dbgeng.dll was not found

Decline Eula Shutdown

Date for 8.1 purchase that will provide free upgrade to Windows 10

Deep freezes - Ctrl-Alt-Del Unavailable - Hard Shutdown only

Dead Windows Update

Default owner of your system drive (C:)

date modified on 6 folders changed suddenly

Default font is now WingDings

defogger and no audio

Deep Virus started with antivirus malware - evolved

Default Setting Needed

Default Settings Reset Themselves Sometimes On Restart

Deleted my audiomixer

Delay in starting desktop

Defragmented or not?

default programs not working

Defrag Always Wanting To Run Lately

defragmentation AND windows installer dont work

deleteing print jobs on hp deskjet 895e

Deleted Big Fix Registry Key Keeps Coming Back

Deleted 4DW4R3 but still can't connect to internet - Part 2

Delay Start Up Tasks

Delayed Application Startup

deleted audio device?

Deleting folders that cannot be found by windows

Dell Support Center says that I'm missing three stings

dell studio freezing starting in 25 minuts and even taking 5 minuts on evey click

Dell XPS 8300 BSOD 0x0124 Stop error

Denied access to a certain program

Delayed Mouse clicks

Dell Laptop much slower after Win Med Play 9.0 update

Dell Wireless & Firewall Issue Help

Desktop Automatic Refresh

Defender Not Worth The Hassle

Dell upgrade from home to ultimate

desk top task bar gone

Defragmenting Memory/Repairing Memory Leaks

Desktop crashed and won't reboot

Desktop Background Theme

deleted windows 8.1 partition & wont boot

desktop defender & other multiple viruses

Dell Windows 8.1 Sound problem and youtube keeps throwing errors at me.

Desktop icons for installed program

Desktop Icon broken

Desktop changed

Desktop Icons & Start Menu Programs Suddenly Gone

Desktop Has No Icons Or Start Menu. Some Kind Of Bug.

Desktop Background Taken Over

Desktop freezes sporadically emerging from standby

Desktop Icons Take a minute to load upon start up: is this normal?

Desktop froze and now I can't shut down laptop

desktop icons cannot be accessed after internet access

Desktop changing automatically

Desktop frozen

Desktop Flashing And Disappearing

Desktop Flickers

Desktop Folder on Taskbar - New Desktop Icons go to this folder?

Desktop PC freezing During

Desktop loop on Windows 10 64-bit

Desktop Defender problems doesnt seem to go away

Desktop Icons/start Menu Not Working

Desktop slow to display downloaded files

Desktop Keeps Blinking And Restarted

Desktop is actin buggy and running very slow

Desktop keeps rotating.

Desktop refreshing every 30 seconds

Desktop won't load properly.?

Desktop not available. new virus?

Desktop/windows items turn black

Desktop Suddenly Very

Desktop Loading before Services

Desktop will load but nothing will open

Destop Not Refreshing

Desktop/start/taskbar Disappeared

Desktop Themes

Desktop Gamma Issues

desktop time and year problem

Desktop isn't acting right.Windows is loading files. page

Desktop takes a long time to shut down

Desktop programs not running

Did a Combofix run

Desktop won't read dvd

Desktop keeps blinking

Desktop locking up and BSOD

Did an update and now nothing but problems

Difficulty In Loading Fresh Copy Of Windows Mc

did new windows updates and now my fonts look bad

Determining cause of BSOD and Laags

Desktop Appearance

Directdraw & Direct3d Hosed

Desktop Icons inactive and IE memory intensive

Desktop Image + Taskbar Appears And Disappears After 10 Seconds

DirectX help

Differences Between A 'Retail' And An 'OEM' Version Of Windows XP Professional

Digital Audio (S/PDIF) Making a Digital Sound with Internet Surfing?

Disable MS Onedrive/ Skydrive?

Different programs locking up

Disable Windows 10 Telemetry?

Disk Defragment Broken?

Disabled Secondary Logon Service - Taskbar gone

Disk Defrag will not run / split

Disappearing lower toolbar w/ systray

Disk Usage 100% - windows 10 Malware

Disk Defragmenter And Disk Management Won't Run

Directx Will Not Update New Version

Disappearing Antivirus

Disabled keyboard

Disabling services & drivers not needed for audio playback

disappearing log-in screen

Display Is Blurry On Some Sites

Disappearing Antivirus Part 2

Distorted Audio on Video Playback

disable automatic driver installation.

Disabling/removing OneDrive?

Disc Drive Autoplay

DMW Process

Disabling Log In Screen

Disk boot failure - Windows won't start

Disappearing icon in taskbar on start up

Display/ Resolution Problem

DMW.exe Process Running on my Computer

Display Problems On Boot

Dnsapi.dll not found

Display Resetting itself

Disabled.SecurityCenter/ Moved

Documents show on bottom right of screen instead of bottom left

Do I need Anti-malware with Windows defender on Win10

Do MSE and AVG give adequate protection?

Do Not Have Full Administrator Priveleges

Do I need additional security software?

Does autorun need to work to use a recovery disk or watch a DVD?

Does reseting the Windows 8.1 partition affect my Ubuntu partition?

Do I have to fix this problem before upgrading to Windows 10?

Don't have permission to do stuff on my own computer?

Doctor Tcp

Do I enough security programs?

Document files are disappeared

done all the fixes - still slow

Does ComboFix work correctly on Windows 10?

Does Complete PC Restore delete other files from backup drive?

Does anyone know how to get rid of an administrative tools folder that pops up on boot up on Win XP Home?

Do you need an OS to install Windows 10


Double Boot Screen/slow computer

Do I have to buy a new copy.

Down grading from 8 to 7 failure (long)

downloaded what i thought was windows 10

Does installing Windows 10 clean my registry?

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